Letter from the President


El-Loaloaa Marine for Diving and Petroleum services is an Egyptian LLC in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law for the year (2002) specializing in underwater diving inspection and maintenance of wiring devices and equipment, oil fields and platforms, construction of ports and jetties, the maintenance and construction of concrete marine constructs, as well as the maintenance of desalination and power plants.


El-Loaloaa Marine for Diving and Petroleum Services, is managed by an experienced staff in the relative industry since 1990


    • El-Loaloaa Marine specializes in the management and execution of commercial diving and petroleum services


    • El-Loaloaa Marine has a team of engineers and technicians trained in all underwater engineering, fittings, and other technical tasks


    • El-Loaloaa Marine enjoys an excellent elite team of the administrators who have high qualifications using the latest computer software to provide the best written reports and videos


    • El-Loaloaa Marine utilizes the latest equipment for cutting and welding under water, the detection of cracks and seams, the measurement of the thickness of iron constructs and voltage, as well as the latest underwater cameras


    • El-Loaloaa Marine has a variety of naval units equipped with all the required apparatus to be always ready for action


    • All equipment and marine units owned by El-Loaloaa Marine are subject to the internationally recognized standards


    • El-Loaloaa Marine???s team of engineers and divers, technicians and administrators are qualified and devoted to permanent technological evolution, utilizing the latest styles and courses that increase the efficiency of the company to provide better services to our valued customers.


Our Company welcomes any technical queries presented to us from our valued customers.


Chairman and President,

Cap.Bahaa Elden Radwan