Our Services

Pre-Drilling Sea Bed Survey

  • Full Maritime Survey
  • Soil testing
  • Analysis of the speed and nature of water currents
  • Determine the location and the development of guidance signs
  • Podium installation
  • Seabed lifting and salvage work
  • Installation of pipelines delivery platform
  • Electrodes placement for the protection of marine facilities


Detection, inspection and analysis of oil platforms and metal structures submerged under water


  • General detection with modern equipment in detail
  • Measuring the thickness of aquaculture
  • Measuring the thickness of iron marine installations
  • Measuring the efficiency of cathode protection
  • Detection of magnetic particles
  • Undersea imaging and underwater video recording
  • Underwater welding and cutting


Additional Services

  • Detection and analysis of oil pipelines
  • Cathode electrodes installation and maintenance
  • Marine installations and maintenance of metal columns and insulation covered steel
  • Processing the resulting infusion of corrosion of pipelines
  • Removal of above ground and thermal underwater platforms
  • Removal of offshore metal installations
  • Power plant Construction of water intakes and
  • Creation of sidewalks, and water barriers